Strategic Plan

Improvement Plan 2018-19

Priorities for 2018-19

1.     Improved outcomes and progress for all

2.     Improved support and progress for disadvantaged pupils

3.     Greater sharing and collaboration for teachers and support staff

4.     Developing the Trust as it grows with additional schools

5.     Impactful school to school support for schools requiring improvement

6.     Providing a quality offer from the North Dorset Teaching School Alliance

7.     Ensuring financial sustainability and increased incomes


The priorities and actions for the year are based upon:

  • Review of Trust and school performance data including the IDSR, Dorset Data Packs
  • Trust School Reviews
  • Integrated curriculum and Financial planning Tool
  • Evaluation from the Executive Leadership Group
  • Trust INSET
  • MAT Improvement Capacity Framework Review
  • MDIF Plan
  • National Teaching School KPIs


KPIs are:

  • All schools are judged to be good or better in OFSTED Inspections
  • All CE schools are judged to be good or better for Christian Distinctiveness in SIAMs
  • KS1 Attainment is above national for 90% of schools
  • KS2 Progress is above national for each of reading, writing and mathematics
  • KS4 Progress 8 and Attainment 8 is above national
  • Sixth Form attainment and progress is above national
  • Staffing expenditure is no more than 80% of GAG
  • All schools set balanced in year budgets



From the 2017-18 Improvement Plan:

A: SAST Organisation

  1. Ensuring the structures and organisation of SAST is fit for purpose

B: Quality of Provision

  1. Improved outcomes and progress in EYFS, KS1, KS2, GCSE and A Level including destinations, for all students as a result of an education programme from 0-19
  2. Excellence in teaching, learning and assessment through a broad and exciting curriculum
  3. High expectations of student behaviour and welfare promoting positive attitudes to learning and high attendance
  4. A wider range of support, early intervention and partnership support for students and families
  5. Promote the Christian distinctiveness of all schools as part of our pastoral care, collective worship and spiritual, social, cultural and moral education

C: Quality of Leadership and Management

  1. High quality leadership and management that identifies areas for improvement, plans and implements the strategy including high impact school to school support provided from within and beyond the Trust
  2. SAST wide training, CPD and support for staffing from NQT to senior leadership to promote staff well-being, recruitment and retention
  3. Secure and manage resources to ensure education in all schools is financially sustainable through appropriate financial stewardship, control, regularity, propriety and value for money
  4. Invest and plan the development of facilities and assets across the estate
  5. We remain at the heart of local communities ensuring active local engagement, communication and involvement
  6. All risks are well managed to ensure safeguarding, health and safety, compliance and risk mitigation

For each goal there has been a diagnosis of need, actions identified and targets for the impact expected.


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