Joining SAST

SAST welcomes enquiries from all schools of any or no faith and of any age range. The shared values and vision is critical to the success of the partnership and schools wishing to join will be expected to buy into and demonstrate commitment to them. The Governance structure has been constructed to meet the requirements of all schools, including voluntary aided Church of England schools.

The schools within the MAT recognise their moral duty to support other schools. All schools expressing an interest in joining the MAT will be subject to a due-diligence evaluation in order that the MAT understands the contribution the school would make to the MAT and the support needs of the school. There will need to be a thorough evaluation of effective capacity management.

Please contact Colin Sinclair, CEO, in the first instance. Informal conversations or discussions and or meeting with governors can be arranged as appropriate.

Across the existing SAST Schools there is considerable expertise of a real diversity of size, setting and foundation. There is deep knowledge and professional expertise of running an academy school with all that this entails.

We are able to provide

  • Leadership support and networks
  • School improvement expertise
  • We provide central support for IT, HR, Finance, Governance, Estates, Communications and Marketing
  • Guidance and support in the application process to become an academy/to join SAST

The Scheme of Delegation gives more detail of the responsibilities of the Members, Trustees, Executive staff and the Local Governing Bodies.

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