Gryphon students celebrate Dance Live success!

On Friday 14th February, 90 students from The Gryphon School competed in the dance and drama competition ‘Dance Live’. Dance Live is a new event, which fuses dance and theatre with all aspects of digital technology. The event challenges schools to embrace today’s digital culture by creating a performance piece, which is largely dance-based. Dance Live wanted schools to be highly creative, developing an original piece of work using video and sound on a large LED screen.

The competition saw 8 schools from across the South of England showcase a 7-minute performance on their chosen theme at The Portsmouth Guildhall in Portsmouth.  Our piece was titled ‘A Chance of Survival’ and explored the true story of the astonishing expedition of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates as they attempted to climb the Siula Grande, Peru in 1985. Disaster strikes when a perilous storm leaves Joe hanging from a treacherous drop tethered to Simon. Simon is faced with a brutal decision. Will he stay attached and freeze to death or cut the rope?

The whole production was led by four students: Amber W, Maizie W, Naina S-S and Paris G, who choreographed the performance, ran rehearsals, created ideas for set and costume as well as selecting the soundtrack. Additionally, the school’s 2-minute ‘Journey to Dance Live’ video and LED Screen projection was created by Amber W and Zoe S, two Year 12 students, who created a highly professional and stunning visual element to the performance. Their impressive work was recognised by the Dance Live judges who awarded the school the prestigious ‘Journey to Dance Live Video Award’ beating all other schools.

The Gryphon Dance Live team delivered an outstanding performance and were awarded 2nd place overall, meaning they qualify for the finals on Saturday 25th April.

Holly Young, Head of Drama at The Gryphon School said “We are so proud of the work that the students have put into this; the performance was exceptional and really showcased the effort and commitment of the team. We are extremely excited for the finals in April!”

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