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‘Rebel Ideas’ by Matthew Syed

The underlying theme of ‘Rebel Ideas’ is that we should promote, and surround ourselves with, diverse thinking. The book contends that we are naturally drawn to people who think like we do. If they look at problems in the same way as us, and identify the solutions that we would identify, then we are quick to notice their perceptiveness and insight!

The drawback of everyone looking at a problem from the same vantage point, is that this limits problem-solving capacity and does not provide us with a comprehensive, objective world view.

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Why join a trust?

Why should a school join a multi-academy trust? It’s a good question. After all, there is a membership fee (the top slice of funding that goes to the trust) and successful schools doing well on their own may not feel it is in their best interest to part with this cash.

Well, I would argue that there is a lot to be gained from being in a trust despite this….

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