SAST Members are:


Nigel Rees
NLG Leadership, governance, finance, business

Mandy Christopher
Diocese of Salisbury, School improvement, Foundation

Edward Gregory
Diocese of Bath & Wells, School improvement, Foundation

Peter McGuigan
NLG Leadership, education, HR & resourcing

Tony Cooke
Business, Strategy, Commercial


Member Overall purpose

Members have an overarching responsibility for the viability and performance of the Academy Trust through the appointment of trustees and approval of the annual report. They have the power to amend the Articles of Association that govern the way the Trust is constituted and managed.

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. To appoint trustees to the Trust Board bearing in mind the Articles of Association and the need for a balanced skill set to manage the Trust effectively
  2. To remove any trustee who is not considered to be acting in the best interests of the Trust, after discussion with the Diocese as appropriate,
  3. From time to time to review the Articles of Association and to make changes where deemed necessary after taking advice from the Trust Board
  4. To appoint other Members as necessary in line with the provisions of the Articles of Association
  5. If deemed appropriate Members have the authority to change the name of the company
  6. To approve the annual report and accounts prior to submission to Companies House
  7. Members have the power to wind up the company and pledge the sum of £10 towards any debts in the event that the Trust is wound up

Expected time commitment – 2 meetings per year



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