Mission & Values

Our mission and values

  • We are a special collaboration of high performing primary and secondary schools seeking to ensure an excellent and sustainable 0-19 education for children within our community across West and North Dorset as well as South Somerset.
  • To build upon the existing relationships across partnerships and clusters to develop as a family of schools working together to strengthen each school and inspire our young people and their families.
  • To have a shared commitment to creative and innovative learning opportunities, high aspirations and leadership, and academic success with inspiring schools, alongside developing the personal attributes for everyone (children and staff) to thrive at every stage of their learning journey.

What we value – our ethos

  • Our partnership is an inclusive learning community in which children and adults together are committed to, and inspired by, a love of lifelong learning. The partnership focus is to enhance the whole of a child’s learning journey from 0-19 and it also promotes learning amongst adult members of school communities and the families of pupils.
  • All schools are equal partners and are committed to the principles of collaboration, sharing expertise and resources to enable all partner schools to deliver excellent education for all young people in their care.
  • Opportunities for greater consistency and coherence will be actively sought for the benefit of all children and staff.
  • We will celebrate each school’s unique and individual characteristics in the community it serves. Each school will retain its individual identity, uniform, ethos and where relevant Christian distinctiveness but will be working together for the benefit of the children, families and communities that they serve.
  • There will be a rigorous focus on the key areas for improvement in order to achieve the highest standards of academic and personal achievement – nurturing our students’ spiritual, moral, social, physical and cultural development.
  • All the Trust leaders will act impartially in the best interest of the Trust and will work in the best interest of all the academies.
  • The Trust will recognise, prepare for and act upon the national and local changes taking place across education and that face the partnership Trust.
  • The Trust will seek to pre-empt issues of performance (educational, financial, compliance etc). Where a school is experiencing or at risk of experiencing issues, the Trust will take the appropriate action to support the school to resolve those issues in a timely manner and for the benefit of those within the Trust.
  • All schools value all of our staff and the contribution they bring to our schools and for our young people. All partner schools are committed to supporting the development of all staff, to fostering leadership and succession planning as well as offering staff greater opportunities within the Trust and its academies. We will engage with our staff in shaping the provision across the Trust.

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