St Andrew’s Primary School officially opens new STEM classroom

St Andrew’s Primary School in Yetminster, celebrated the official opening of ‘Boyle’s Building’ this week, a new STEM classroom for pupils, which funding from the Boyle’s Trust has kindly made possible.

In 2019, the disused swimming pool at the school was filled in, to create a sanctuary for native biodiversity. The school worked with the organisation, Operation Future Hope, to re-wild the school grounds and create an environment that would promote sustainable conservation. A new garden was created, which from the air resembles an owl, with different areas including a pond, vegetable patch, wild flowers, as well as outdoor workspaces which can be used for lessons.

The old changing rooms were then refurbished to provide a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) classroom where children can learn in a bespoke environment.  Thanks to the generosity of the Boyles Trust in Yetminster, the vision of having a purpose built STEM classroom has become a reality.

Boyles Trust gifted £15,000 to the school in 2020 to support the project and continue their 300-year legacy of supporting education for the young people of Yetminster.

The school are incredibly grateful to the trustees for sharing in their vision and championing science and mathematics for all children.

Headteacher, Julie Simpson, said, “We are proud of our new STEM classroom, which will encourage our children to explore the endless opportunities available to them in the world of science. Robert Boyle was a pioneer of his time and we hope to inspire our children to follow his lead”.

As well as exciting science and maths lessons, the school has plans to now fundraise for telescopes so they can start an astronomy club!

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