Gryphon students complete the Ten Tors Challenge!

Gryphon students took part in the renowned Ten Tors Challenge last weekend, with one team wearing original kit from the 1960s to commemorate the 60th Ten Tors event. The challenge had involved months of training and planning for the teenagers, but it paid off with all five Gryphon teams reaching the Ten Tors before the end of the event.

Students participated in the 35 and 45 mile distances, carrying all the equipment needed to be self-sufficient on Dartmoor over two days. In teams of six, they planned their routes meticulously, ensuring they had enough time to reach all the checkpoints.

Ed, Ed, Leon, Ewan, Malachi, Louie competed in the ‘1960s team’, wearing original items that were sourced over the last year to ensure they had an authentic experience of what the challenge was like for the original teams.

Ed Smith, 17,  said “Our outfits consisted of lightweight pale green trousers, black boots, puttees/gaiters, base T-shirts, army shirts and smocks, and an authentic headdress. The clothes proved to be surprisingly comfortable as well as practical, and we all enjoyed looking the part as well as walking in the gear. However, the rucksacks proved to be painful and incredibly hard work. Two members in my team; Louie and Leon, carried frame carriers which were by far the hardest to pack and carry, as they required endless adjusting and were susceptible to breaking.

Despite the rucksacks we had the time of our lives doing Ten Tors and felt over the moon to cross the finish line after the endless hours of training and planning. It is a moment that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We were honoured at the end of the challenge to be greeted by six veterans who took part in the original Ten Tors having just experienced what they had 60 years earlier”.

Geoff Cooke, Gryphon teacher and Challenge Manager said “We are incredibly proud of all the students, they have put months of effort into this, and it is a huge achievement to complete the Ten Tors Challenge. We support students to take part as it builds confidence, teamwork, resilience and independence – qualities that will serve them well in the future. The army organisation of the challenge is outstanding and of course none of this would be possible without the volunteers who support all our training and practice walks – parents, staff and members of the community, so a big thank you to them!”

The ‘1960s team’

The 1960s team were greeted by veterans from the original challenge in 1960


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