Former Gryphon student Muste is campaigning for safe routes for child refugees

The Gryphon School were delighted to recently hear from Muste, one of their former students, who has been campaigning for safe passage for child refugees – as he was a child refugee himself.

He has written an article for the Huffington Post, where he tells his story and advocates for more safe routes for child refugees. It is a really powerful piece which he wanted to share with our school community – read the article here.

This is a TV interview that Muste did alongside the Labour peer and campaigner Lord Alf Dubs. Muste came to the UK through the Dubs amendment that Lord Dubs helped to open (a route which has now closed).

He is now living in London and going to college and working. He passed his English and maths and is now studying sports coaching in his second year. He was recently given a place at a top football academy and hopes there might be an opportunity to play professionally one day! He is doing very well and hopes everyone at the school is too.

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