Dorset Council’s #FestivaloftheFuture Live from Shaftesbury School

Tuesday 5th October

What does a classroom of the future look like? Join us as we see a classroom of the future in action in Shaftesbury. Augmented and virtual reality are the norm, supporting interactive learning with pupils in Africa and social and emotional development here in Dorset. See how Dorset is investing in a beautiful and inspiring site for its pupils with special needs and join the chat about the future of education.

This is a live stream so staff can watch remotely, and promises to be an interesting discussion which also showcases exciting innovations being pioneered by Shaftesbury School’s Future Classroom.

The lineup is as follows:

  • Intro address from Priya Lakhani OBE
  • STEAM Event filmed at St Mary’s Dorset Centre of Excellence featuring 32 SAST Yr 5 students
  • Interview with Alex More (Radio Solent)
  • Live lesson footage from the Future Classroom Yr 9 taught by Oli Cooper
  • Interview with Oli Cooper
  • Shaftesbury & Ghana Collab Interview and lesson footage
  • Silent Disco – Primary input from Gary Spraken live
  • AUB Dorset – Digital Innovation and future skills live
  • VR Demo and chat with Alex More and James McDiarmond joining from Sydney, Australia with input from parents on the WISE social, emotional learning platform
  • Panel discussion with Mark Blackman, Thomas Fowler, Gary Spraken and Lucy Castle (Sixth Form student).


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