Headteacher Jane swims the English Channel

After having to delay their challenge in the summer holiday, the Soggy Bottoms finally got the call to swim the English Channel at the weekend, and Jane Whitehouse-Sharpe (Headteacher of Shillingstone Primary School) and the team started their quest  at 3am on Monday 13th September.  Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe was the first swimmer and set off in the pitch black from Samphire Hoe beach in Dover at 3am.  Each team member swam for an hour each and then swapped over.

The team had an amazing experience, including swimming near container ships, ferries, avoiding and getting stung by jelly fish, spotting a whale, seasickness and swimming in high winds, waves, and strong currents!

The team swam for 12 hours through the night and into the day and made it to French waters. However, the wind, waves, tides and currents took a turn for the worse and the pilot of the boat aborted the swim due to safety reasons.

During the swim the whole team were encouraged, knowing that all the children at Shillingstone Primary School were tracking the boat and the team through the channel.

On return to school on Wednesday, Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe held a whole school assembly where the children had the chance to look at the photos and ask questions.  We are sure they were very inspired by the challenge!

Jane would like to thank everyone in the school community for their support and thank everyone for sponsoring the event.  So far, the Soggy Bottoms will have raised just under £5,000 for the school which is amazing and will have a big impact on their children!

There is still time to sponsor the team!  The fundraising link is:  https://gofundme/773c131a

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