Hackathon for Youth – Shaftesbury students compete at the global level!

On Saturday 11th September Bella, Esme and Henry who are Year 11 students at Shaftesbury School took part in a global STEM competition looking at the science behind learning and how we can improve the future of education.

The event involved 11 countries across the globe including Sweden, India, Germany and UAE to name but a few, and our students had fierce competition!

Bella, Esme and Henry were given a range of tasks to research from cognitive science to looking at how the curriculum could be enhanced for the 21st Century. Students researched how we learn, how the brain changes during adolescence and how we can maximise learning based on their findings.

Our students discussed inclusivity, looking at how we can adapt PE to support those with disabilities; they discussed how schools could become more self-sufficient using biofuel waste from the kitchens as an energy resource to reduce our carbon footprint, and they looked at how we can utilise technology further to enhance learning.

Bella, Esme and Henry were fantastic they worked hard to develop a video to share their findings with other teams. Henry said the event was ‘absolutely fantastic’, whilst Bella said it was ‘interesting to be part of changing the education system’

The trio of students placed in the top 3 of all the countries taking part which is a phenomenal achievement!​​​​​​​

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