GCSE Results: Students will always come first

Tim Farrer, Headteacher, said ‘There has been so much change in education in the last few years and then we have seen this year the most challenging of circumstances. Schools were asked to submit grades for their students with strict government guidance as to how this should be calculated. I believe that Shaftesbury School carried out this process fairly and with integrity believing that there would then be an equally fair model that would standardise this  across the country and other settings. At the heart of this process was our determination that our young people should succeed and today, as always, they will come first; both in terms of making sure they can take their next steps with confidence but also that they are celebrated as the amazing young people that they are. The results are a testament to the hard work of the staff and students over their time with us. I am extremely proud of the students and would also offer my thanks and congratulations to their families and my staff who have worked extremely hard in supporting them.’

The school also took the decision to create a Personal Statement for all of its Year 11s, detailing the individual strengths and character of each student and included a summary reminder of what this year group had to cope with in 2020. ‘They are such a special year group, we couldn’t just let the results be the only thing they opened on results day.’

The school is proud of all its students, measuring success by progress, as well as attainment, and we congratulate all of them on their successes. In this strangest of years, it has been agreed by all Dorset heads that headline data will not be shared so a heartfelt ‘well done’ is offered to all young people across the county.

We are looking forward to seeing most of our students return to Sixth Form but wish those leaving us lots of luck as they take their next steps.

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