Primary Maths Competition

The Gryphon School was proud to host this year’s Primary Maths Competition, with nine local primary schools taking part.

The teams of four from each school competed in a full day of maths challenges ranging from logic, to speed rounds, a maths relay to building shapes with cubes. The schools competing were:

  • All Saints CE VC Primary, Bishops Caundle
  • St Mary’s Primary, Bradford Abbas
  • Buckland Newton CE Primary
  • Milborne Port CE Primary
  • Sherborne Abbey CE Primary
  • Sherborne Primary
  • Thornford CE Primary
  • Trent Young’s CE Primary
  • St Andrew’s CE Primary, Yetminster

Mr Unwin, a Maths teacher at The Gryphon who organises the event said “It was once again a hugely enjoyable day to run, and in particular the students showed a fantastic level of enthusiasm and resilience in the ways they attempted the various rounds and activities”.

Congratulations to Sherborne Abbey CE Primary School who were crowned the winners, with Sherborne Primary School (Team 1) in second place, and Milborne Port Primary in third place.

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