Dorset County Museum visits Buckland Newton Primary

On Thursday 6th February Dorset County Museum visited Buckland Newton School. They brought with them an enormous inflatable museum which impressively filled the school hall. The children were greeted as fellow archaeologists and invited to put on their Hi-Viz jackets and explore what is being excavated under the museum.

The children, having been divided into two groups, sifted through two sites and unearthed several artefacts surrounding human remains.  They were then invited inside the museum to talk to experts and look at the Roman artefacts on display to see if they could identify what they had discovered. Using iPads and the labels on the actual artefacts the children were able to discover that they had found the grave site of a wealthy woman and her personal belongings and a lower class man, possibly a servant with his common everyday belongings.

The children were then invited to explore Roman food and how it was prepared. This involved smelling several herbs and helping to create a fermented fish sauce. Role play activities followed this and the children were tasked with exploring different scenarios involving Roman coins and how the Romans would have used them. The main three events were honoring the emperor, betting on the chariot races, shopping for food and paying the ferryman in the afterlife. We continued working on our research in the afternoon using the Roman Remains Log Book given to us by the museum.

The class had a fantastic morning and thoroughly enjoyed having ancient Rome brought so vividly back to life.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!

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